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Your returns and fees at a glance

Projected return

Loans mediated over the CrossLend platform are assigned a risk class ranging from A (lowest risk) to HR (highest risk). Risk classification is accomplished by means of our proprietary scoring technology, which supplements credit bureau data with other statistical data for a more accurate evaluation of creditworthiness.

The table below shows the estimated interest rate ranges for each CrossLend risk class. Interest is the percentage borrowers pay on top of their loan principal. Loans classified as low risk yield correspondingly lower interest, while loans at the other end of the scale tend to generate higher interest, in keeping with their higher estimated loss rate.

The projected annual return is calculated taking into account the estimated loss rate.

Risk Class Projected Returns
a 0.22%-3.47%
b 2.99%-5.06%
c 4.01%-6.25%
d 4.68%-8.32%
e 5.27%-11.37%
f 5.81%-12.88%
g 6.65%-14.03%
hr >13.45%
*Actual return may vary from the projected rate of return shown. The projected return may thus, even in the event of no losses (loan defaults), be higher – or in the case of a greater number of losses than expected – lower. Deduction of CrossLend's surcharge of 1% is not included in this example. CrossLend does not guarantee that interest rates shown (credit interest) will be achieved.


For each investment order placed over the CrossLend platform, a surcharge of 1% of the investment amount is charged to cover administration costs.

Our partner bank, FinTech Group Bank AG, may charge fees for additional account services and account inactivity. A complete list of FinTech Group Bank AG’s account services and the costs incurred may be viewed here.

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