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1. Open your account

To invest in loans over the CrossLend platform, you’ll need an account with our German partner bank, biw Bank für Investments und Wertpapiere AG. Just click ‘Open an Investment Account’ at the bottom of this page or on the ‘Invest’ page and follow the steps to submit your online application.

Set aside some time for the application process and have your webcam handy – as we’re unable to interview you in person, we’ll need to verify your identity via our video verification process. For this brief process, you’ll need to make sure you have a webcam with a microphone and the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox installed as your browser.
For your convenience, undergoing video verification also gives you the opportunity to sign your contract electronically.

2. Transfer starting funds

When you’ve received email confirmation that your account has been opened, you can transfer money directly to your biw Cash Account from the reference bank account you named during your application process. In order to ensure sufficient diversification across your investment portfolio, we require a minimum starting balance of 250 euros.


What are Notes?

Over the CrossLend platform, you don’t invest in whole loans, rather in ‘Notes’ which correspond to a specific loan.

Find out more about
how these work here

3. Create your portfolio

Start building your portfolio by putting together your portfolio mix or “strategy”, choosing the Notes that meet your specifications.

You can browse and pick Notes manually with the help of our filters, or save time by using either our API feed or automated strategies. Automated strategies organise Notes for you according to your preferred option: a moderate-, medium-, high-risk or fully-customised investment portfolio.

Adjustable filters make it easy for you to find the Notes you want.
Automated alerts let you know when new Notes that meet your criteria arrive on the platform.
You may have as many independent strategies of your own as you like – the performance of one has no effect on the others.
You can even give your strategies names and a short description, to help you remember your intention behind them.

4. Place your order

When you’ve selected all the Notes you want to invest in, simply review your selection on the order summary page before placing your subscription order.

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