Welcome to Europe’s

new era of consumer finance

Oliver Schimek, CrossLend CEO

At CrossLend, we’re proud to be trailblazers in the bold new world of digital credit intermediation and financing, with our pioneering cross-border online marketplace.

CrossLend’s story began when its founders – Oliver Schimek, Marie Louise Seelig and Daniel Schlotter – joined forces to come up with a Europe-wide approach to digital consumer financing. Years spent working with key representatives in financial technology had demonstrated to all of them that Europeans were ready for a fresh approach: one uniting the best of classic credit intermediation and financing structures with the unique opportunities offered by online infrastructures.

The goal, in short, was to establish a cross-border marketplace lending platform that would be smarter, faster, safer and more technologically advanced than conventional offline solutions. Thanks to their extensive expertise in finance and high-tech, Schimek, Seelig and Schlotter created a model that measured up to their tough criteria. CrossLend was born, and shortly thereafter partner bank biw AG was brought onboard.

So how does CrossLend succeed in offering a platform with interesting and innovative potential for both borrowers and investors? It comes down to the fusion of an intelligent credit-scoring algorithm with a setup that allows for flexible refinancing via a capital market structure. Add to that the ability to offer cross-border credit intermediation through cooperation with CrossLend's partner bank. The result: attractive interest rates for borrowers and attractive risk-return profiles for investors.

Innovative scoring technology

Cross-border, across Europe

The future

It’s our vision to reduce the gap between supply and demand within traditional lending in the European market by connecting borrowers from high-interest-rate countries with investors from low-interest-rate countries. 

But that’s just the beginning...

We strive to be at the forefront of Europe’s new era of digital credit intermediation and financing. In the months to come, we plan to introduce more higher quality, competitively priced financial products over our platform, products uniquely designed to help our customers realise their financial dreams.

Our vision is to eventually facilitate the borrowing, investing and trading of money across the globe.

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