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Europe’s cross-border marketplace lending platform

Part of the rising sharing economy, marketplace lending platforms connect people who want to borrow money with those who want to invest money, via a central online platform.

CrossLend has set itself the goal to resolve the discrepancy in supply and demand across the traditional European lending market by bringing together borrowers from high-interest-rate countries with investors from low-interest-rate countries – helping bridge the credit gap and create fresh opportunities for the people on both sides of the divide.

How does CrossLend succeed in offering a platform with interesting and innovative possibilities for both borrowers and investors? The core of CrossLend’s business model lies in its fusion of intelligent algorithms for credit scoring with flexible funding via a capital market structure, alongside cross-border credit intermediation in cooperation with a German partner bank.

CrossLend’s vision is to ultimately make the borrowing and investing of money possible around the world, while providing its users with opportunities for attractive interest rates and returns.

How our affiliate programme works

A potential investor searches for exciting investment opportunities and finds your website.
The investor gets the information they need on your website, then clicks the CrossLend banner ad.
The investor applies to open a biw AG account.
When the account is opened, your conversion is generated. The commission due to you is displayed in your affiliate account and paid out to you once it has been verified by CrossLend.

Registration for the affiliate programme is completely free of cost.

Our commission model

Commission class Lead Sale
(account opened)
£30 -
Cookie lifetime: 30 days    

In cases where there is particularly strong performance, scaled and individual commission rates are possible. Please contact us for more information.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Attractive commissions of £30 per lead
  • Conversion-optimised ad media
  • Fast sales and lead verification and monthly payouts
  • 30-day cookie lifetime
  • Professional personal account management
  • Promotion opportunities in the following countries

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You can join our affiliate programme via these networks:

Your contact

Jesús García

Senior Online Marketing Manager




1. What requirements must be met to participate in our affiliate programme?

You must run your own ad space which fulfils the conditions of Paragraph 1 in the Additional Terms and Conditions* of our affiliate programme.

2. How do I register for the programme?

To participate in CrossLend’s affiliate programme, you must first have a website which qualifies you to register with any of the affiliate networks shown above. Once you’ve successfully registered and have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions, you may sign up for CrossLend’s affiliate programme. Participation in our affiliate programme is completely free of cost.

3. What happens after I’ve registered?

After you’ve submitted your application to any of the above affiliate networks, we will verify the information you’ve supplied, particularly that which pertains to your website. If all the requirements of our Terms and Conditions are fulfilled, your application will be accepted. An email confirmation will be sent to you, and you can start selecting and placing the advertising materials on your website.

4. How do I earn commission?

You can earn commission as follows:

  • An investor opens a biw AG bank account over CrossLend (Lead): When an investor successfully opens their bank account, this lead will be flagged in the respective affiliate network. After the investor’s details have been evaluated and confirmed by CrossLend, you’ll receive your commission for the lead.

5. It’s been over two weeks – why haven’t I received my commission?

Pending commissions will be flagged as such in your account on the respective affiliate network’s website. Through CrossLend’s weekly verification process, these commissions will either be confirmed or rejected. When the sum of your confirmed commissions in the respective affiliate network account reaches the amount stipulated by that network (usually £25), your commission will be automatically paid out to the bank account you provided. Payment terms may vary between networks – please consult the terms and conditions for your network(s).

6. Are my earnings through CrossLend’s affiliate programme subject to income tax?

Yes: income earned as a participant (publisher) in the CrossLend affiliate programme constitutes business income and must be declared on your income tax return.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at affiliate.uk@crosslend.com.
*Please read our Terms and Conditions here.

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