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with cross-border lending

*Annual return based on the assumption of a duration of 24 months, risk class HR, no loan defaults, inclusion of 1% surcharge. Actual return may differ from indicated maximum return. Investment in Notes can lead to the total loss of invested capital.

*For the placement and marketing of the Notes, CrossLend GmbH is acting as tied agent for FinTech Group Bank AG, under FCA reference number: 670961.

CrossLend: simply a smarter strategy.

Europe’s investment horizons are expanding as more and more private investors discover the potential of a whole new asset class – one almost exclusively accessible to banks and institutional investors until now: consumer loans.

CrossLend’s cross-border marketplace lending platform is a fast, convenient way to get your money doing more for you with the opportunity to invest in consumer loans from different European countries via the purchase of Borrower Payment Contingent Notes (‘Notes’) in euros. All you need to get started is to apply for an investment account with our German partner bank, FinTech Group Bank AG, using our online form. (You can learn in more detail about how the Notes work here; we also encourage you to read our Prospectus, available here.)

By doing almost everything online, we're able to keep our operational costs low,  so you can benefit from the resulting savings – in the form of attractive interest rates for borrowers and attractive returns for investors: a win-win for everyone.

CrossLend gives you access to the new asset class of consumer loans. (Diagram serves as an example only.)

*For the placement and marketing of the CrossLend Notes, CrossLend GmbH is acting as tied agent for FinTech Group Bank AG, as defined under the EU directive 2004/39/EC, implemented in the UK under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 Regulations 2006 and 2007, under FCA reference number: 670961. FinTech Group Bank AG is acting as placement agent for CrossLend Securities SA, the issuer of the CrossLend Notes. The prospectus for the Notes issuance program is registered with the CSSF Luxemburg and notified to the FCA.

Opportunities across the full spectrum of risk and return.

All potential borrowers are risk-assessed using our innovative proprietary scoring technology. Each loan is then assigned a risk class from A (lowest risk) to HR (highest risk), reflecting the differing risk of default across the scale. Low risk loans, in principle, offer correspondingly low interest, while high risk loans offer higher interest.

  • a
  • b
  • c
  • d
  • e
  • f
  • g
  • hr
Lower risk Higher risk

Put your portfolio together –
quickly and easily.

Manage your investments via an intuitive dashboard
Find what you need and take action fast with helpful filters and alerts
Monitor your investments in detail

Tailored to every investment approach.

Our user-friendly filters help you to quickly find the CrossLend Securities SA Notes with underlying loans that perfectly meet your specifications.

Diversify your investment.

Put statistics on your side with diversification.

Over the CrossLend platform, you don’t directly fund an entire loan, rather subscribe to Notes, which the loans underlie. You can start investing in diverse loan projects, via the Notes, with a starting amount of as low as 25 euros, so it’s simple to spread your investments and diversify the risk from the get-go.

Attractive risk-return profiles.

As an investor, you participate in the opportunities and risks of the individual loan underlying the respective Note(s).  Interest, repayment and duration are governed by the terms of the loan to which the respective Note(s) are allocated. The scheduled interest and repayments on the Notes are dependent upon to what extent the respective borrower makes the agreed instalment payments. Thus the investor bears the risk that the borrower is unable to repay their loan and make their interest payments. If a borrower fails to make the agreed loan instalment payments, CrossLend will contact them promptly via telephone, SMS, email and post and also make further attempts to collect the outstanding loan instalment payments from the borrower’s account. Payments under the Notes will automatically be credited to your investment account. You may reinvest the steady yields or have them paid out.

Europe’s cross-border lending platform.

It’s our vision to reduce the gap between supply and demand within traditional lending in the European market by connecting borrowers from high-interest-rate countries with investors from low-interest-rate countries through our unique cross-border marketplace lending platform. We’re bridging Europe’s credit divide to create fresh opportunities for people on both sides of the coin.


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We operate according to comprehensive German data protection standards.

Legal Notice:
This website contains general advertising statements regarding investment in the Borrower Payment Contingent Notes from CrossLend Securities SA, whose payments (which consist of interest and principal) are contingent upon the corresponding payments of the respective borrowers. It does not contain any information on specific single issues of Notes from CrossLend Securities SA.

Issuer of the Notes offered on the CrossLend marketplace is CrossLend Securities SA. The Notes are offered for sale on the CrossLend platform by CrossLend GmbH exclusively for the account and under the liability of FinTech Group Bank AG, which acts as placement agent for CrossLend Securities SA.

A detailed description and explanation of the Borrower Payment Contingent Notes and the Terms of the Notes, whose payments (consisting of interest and principal) are contingent upon the corresponding payments of the borrower, is contained in the Base Prospectus, approved by the Luxembourg Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), as well as in the English summary of the Base Prospectus (available here). The supplementary terms and conditions of the single issues are set out in the respective Final Terms, which, for the current running offers, are viewable here as well as in the Documents section of your CrossLend Account.

Investors should base their investment decision on a review of the entire Base Prospectus and the respective Final Terms as well as the issue-specific English summary and obtain expert advice, if necessary, before making any investment decisions.

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